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All proceeds from sales go to 9114HNC (Help for Head and Neck Cancer) a 501(c)3, giving grants to patients in financial need.

After 26 years of teaching arts and crafts in a psychiatric hospital setting, combined with a lifetime interest in design, I found abstract art a natural transition. In 1994, I began studying abstract acrylic painting. I then studied design, color theory, silk screen, monotype printing and paper making at the Corcoran. Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, The Art League and Glen Echo. My work is mainly about color, design and shape. I continue to experiment with new materials and art forms, the latest being cold wax and Korean paper making. I work at my studio, Upstairs Art Studios, at 4948 St. Elmo in Bethesda, MD. shared with 6 other artists. My work is primarily about abstractions of color, design, and shape. My eye is drawn to patterns and shapes taking inspiration from local color in the areas I have traveled.

I hold a degree in Political Science and History from The Ohio State University where I met my late husband, Jack Smith Kerxton. We lived in Germany from March, 1957 through August 1958 where my husband was stationed and our daughter, Liz, was born. In 1972 I started working at Inova Fairfax Hospital, Creative Arts Therapy Dept.,on the in-patient psychiatric unit, where I eventually became the director. My husband, was CEO of a well known architectural firm, CHK, until his death in 1993. After his death, and a 26-year career teaching arts and crafts in a psychiatric hospital, I began studying abstract acrylic painting.

My work has been shown in numerous juried shows and galleries. I am active in several organizations that include Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, the Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC., and the Salonistas.